What is Cadets?

Cadets is a weeknight program that meets bi-weekly in churches and helps boys become more Christlike in all areas of life. Each meeting includes assembling with the entire club for the landmarks, breaking up into small groups (called “cadres”) for Bible study and working on badges, and a time of games or other physical activity.

Our flexible programs incorporate Bible study and memorization, badge work and other hands-on projects, along with physical activity and outdoor adventure, to assist Christian men as they encourage boys to grow socially, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The basis of the Calvinist Cadet Corps is the Bible according to the concepts expressed in the Heidelburg Catechism, the Canons of Dort, the Belgic Confession, and the Westminster Catechism.

The Trinity CRC Cadet Club is a part of a local council of other church cadet clubs called Greater Edmonton Cadet Council (GECC).

The Trinity Club offers programs for boys from grade two to grade nine. There is the Junior Cadet program for grades 2-3, and the Recruit/Pathfinder/Builder program for grades 4-9.

Our Landmarks

Cadet Motto

Living for Jesus

Cadet Verse

If you love me you will keep my commandments. John 14:15

Cadet Code

A Cadet must be reverent, obedient, compassionate, consecrated, trustworthy, pure, grateful, loyal, industrious, and cheerful.

Cadet Pledge

Thankful to God for his gifts to me, I pledge myself to be ready to serve God, my parents, my country, my church, my neighbour, and my Corps.

Counsellor Mission Statement

Helping boys to grow more Christlike in all areas of life.

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Contact Cadets 

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Contact Ministry

If you have any questions about Trinity Church Cadets ministry leaders, you can reach out via email or by filling out the contact form. Thank you.


In addition to our bi-weekly meetings, we also participate in the following activities:

  1. In October we have our GECC Floor Hockey Tournament.
    This is a one day tournament with two different age group competitions, grades 1-4 and grades 4-9.
  2. In November we have our annual Father & Son Swimming Night.
  3. In December we have our Mother & Son Craft Night.
  4. Just before Christmas the Cadet Club provides a pancake breakfast for anyone that wants to attend. The Cadets serve the congregation and community a scrumptious sausage and pancake breakfast. There is a free will offering at this event.
  5. In the New Year we have a bottle drive to support the club activities.
  6. In January we have a hay ride at North Bank Potato Farms.
  7. In February we have the GECC Snow Derby. This a one day event where the Cadets follow a course where they need to compete as a team in various outdoor survival type activities. Included are fire building, shelter building, first aid, orienteering, marksmanship, and possible some other activities.
  8. In April we have the GECC Cadet-O-Rama. This is a one day event where they compete in teams of six in various fun and mind challenging activities. The afternoon the Cadets get to race pinewood derby cars they have built.
  9. In May we have our club wrap-up night where we celebrate the cadets achievements.
  10. In May/June we have our club camp-out.

Upcoming Events

No events at this moment, stay tuned.