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Every Sunday, Trinity offers an opportunity to GIVE to the church budget or an external ministry.

CHURCH BUDGET: the church budget goes towards building costs, staff and the various ministries Trinity offers
SECOND OFFERING: The Deacons highlight an additional ministry/cause to be supported every Sunday; from overseas missions, local organizations affiliated with Trinity, to some of Trinity’s youth programs which allow them to participate in events or outings, and more. 

Want to support the continued ministry efforts and operation of Trinity through the budget? 
Want to support one of the highlighted external ministries or causes from a past Sunday? 
Visit your online banking site and send an e-transfer, select GIVE on the bridge app or click the GIVE button below to give via the Bridge app online!

How to give through e-Transfer

To set-up e-transfers:

  1. Sign into your Bank / Credit Union online account
  2. Locate and select the link to your bank e-Transfer option
  3. In the Interac e-Transfer page, locate and select Add New Recipient and enter the following information in the appropriate fields:
    • Name: Trinity CRC Donations (or any descriptive name that makes sense to you)
    • Email:
    • Mobile: Leave this field blank
    • Send Transfer by: Email
    • Security Info: Please enter a question and answer in these two fields.
    • Add Recipient Click the Add Recipient button and then “Confirm” to finish the procedure

To make a donation to Trinity CRC, return to the Interac e-Transfers page by following steps 1 & 2 above.
In the Interac e-Transfer page, locate the “Transfer To” Drop Down Box; you will find Trinity CRC Donations (or whatever
descriptive name you assigned in step 3a above).
Enter your donation amount and a message if designating to a special cause. If a message is NOT included, your donation
will be applied to Trinity Ministries.
If you need any assistance, please call Don Goutbeck 780 475-1600 or email

How to give through the Bridge App

Check out this step by step instructional PDF that will show you how to donate via the Bridge App.  Need more info on the Bridge App?  Click here.

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Give Online

We’ve made it very easy, click the button below and make donation right on the website.